December 14-20
Performances Streaming On-Demand through ShowShare:
In Christopher Durang's An Actor's Nightmare, an unassuming accountant awakens in an empty theatre, and to his horror, finds himself starring in several overlapping productions all unfolding at once! Will our mild-mannered hero survive? Or will he wither under the enormous pressures of...the THEATRE!

In Craig Pospisil's It's Not You, four friends emerge during a global pandemic for an evening out in NYC. Much has changed for them, as husband and wife John and Amber are very soon expecting their first child, and realize they only have room in their lives for one close friend. The clock is ticking for the couple as they must inform one of their two friends that, "it's not you, it's us!"

*An Actor's Nightmare is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.”

*It’s Not You was produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. (

February 21st-March 7th
Performances will Stream On-Demand, and are ABSOLUTELY FREE! 
No need to book tickets in advance. 
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One of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies begins with a shipwreck, sibling separation, a grieving Countess, an amorous Duke, an out-of-work clown, a stern steward, pirates, a couple of aging juveniles, a pair of ingenious and put-upon servants and so much more! Join us for this fantastic, rollicking and moving tale of love, moving on and coming together!

AFS Showcase (SHS)
Performances:  TBA
AFS Showcase is the high school's variety and talent show.  The production is student acted, student directed, and student designed.  AFS Showcase serves as a joint fundraiser for both Shorewood Drama and the Shorewood AFS Exchange Student Program.  The show includes hilarious comedy, elegant classical dance, hip bands, beautiful instrumental music, soulful acoustic guitar, rousing pop dances, Broadway classics, and so much more!